Saeed Zafar Khan was born in a home where his cradle was literally surrounded by stalwarts of the Delhi gharana like the Ustad Chand Khan, Ustad Usman Khan, Ustad Hilal Ahmed Khan and Ustad Nasir Ahmed Khan (all Vocalists), Ustad Bundukhan (Sarangi Player), Zahoor Ahmed Khan (violinist) and Ustad Zafar Ahmed Khan (sitarist), the last being his father. more>>>

Raag Jai Jai Wanti
Kalawati Raaga
Desh Raaga
Shudh Sarang Raag
Saeed is very graceful player of the sitar. He evolves a vibrant, lovely tone from instrument which is consistently tuneful and particularly adept at pulling wavy 'harkat' from the stretched strings.
The Hindu

Saeed Zafar of Delhi is now a seasoned sitarist. His rendering of Jai Jaiwant was indeed immaculate. The brief but tuneful alaap was followed by a slow Masitkani gat with pleasing sequences of todas and tans rendered with bold and neat phrasings.
The Statesman

Being Ypung and enthusiastic as is natural at his age, Saeed has tendency towards speed, which he displays like a maestro. His taans are swift and layakari highly impressive.
Sunday Herald          MORE>>

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