Saeed Zafar Khan was born in a home where his cradle was literally surrounded by stalwarts of the Delhi gharana like the Ustad Chand Khan, Ustad Usman Khan, Ustad Hilal Ahmed Khan and Ustad Nasir Ahmed Khan (all Vocalists), Ustad Bundukhan (Sarangi Player), Zahoor Ahmed Khan (violinist) and Ustad Zafar Ahmed Khan (sitarist), the last being his father. We may, therefore, presume that instead of the usual lullabies, baby Saeed would hear Khayals and Gats and learned melody and rhythm before his mother–tongue. In such a concentrate of musical heredity and environment, it was but natural that Saeed should crystallize as a gem of a sitarist. Naturally too, his style blends tantrakari (instrumental virtuosity) with flashes of Delhi Gharana Gayaki (Vocalism).

Tunefulness, tonality, rhythmic patterns and raagdari (treatment of the raag) all go together to make Saeed Zafar Khan’s performances highly appealing. Top’ grade artist from A.I.R.and he has regaled audiences in numerous concerts both at home and abroad several times.


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